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Taxi Services in KLIA2

Taxi services are available at the Transportation Hub located at the Level 1 of the gateway@klia2 mall next to the klia2 Main Terminal Building. There are 3 types of taxi services available in klia2 - namely the Coupon Taxi, Metered Taxi and Premier Taxi. Taxi services are operational 24/7 at the klia2 airport.

Types of Taxi Services available at klia2:

Coupon Taxi (Airport Limo) - Inform the staff in charge at the counter of your destination, a coupon will be issued to you after the payment. Credit card payment are accepted at the counter. Proceed to Door 4 and line up there for your turn to board the coupon taxi. When there is your turn, pass the coupon to the taxi driver and he will drive you to your destination.

Metered Taxi

Budget Taxi (Town taxi / cab)

Proceed to the metered taxi counter and buy a coupon for RM2.00. Exit from Door 4 and wait in line for the 'metered taxi'. Pass the coupon to the taxi driver and the taxi meter will start running from klia2 to your destination. Reading of taxi's meter started when you board the taxi. Your final taxi fare is based on what's displayed on the taxi's meter plus the toll charges, if any.

Fare calculations:

• RM3.00 for the first 1 KM or first 3 minutes
• RM0.25 for each consequent 200 metres or consequent 36 seconds (estimated 5 km = RM8.00 / 10 km = RM14.25)
• 50% surcharge from 12.00 am - 6.00 am

Executive Taxi (Blue Taxi)

These are the '' taxis that are more expensive if compared to the budget taxis, generally costing you almost double the amount of a normal price budget taxi. These taxis are slightly bigger than the common ones and they are always available.

Fare calculations:

• RM6.00 for first 1 KM or first 3 minutes
• RM0.20 for each consequent 100 metres or consequent 21 seconds (estimated 5 km = RM14.00 / 10 km = RM24.00)
• 50% surcharge from 12.00 am - 6.00 am

Premier Taxi -

If you need to call for taxi services, here is a list of taxi companies available in Klang Valley:

  Taxi Operator


  Airport Limo & Taxi Service   (603) 9223 8080  
  Comfort Cab   (603) 8024 2727  
  LCCT Limo Airport Taxi & Van   (6017) 3116 118  
  Mesra Cab   (603) 4043 0659  
  Oriental Radio Taxi   (603) 2694 4718  
  Public Cab   (603) 6259 2020  
  Radio Cab   (603) 9221 7600  
  Saujana Taxi   (603) 2162 8888  
  Sunlight Radio Taxi   (603) 9057 1111  
  Supercab   (603) 7875 7333  




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